What is a Temp Chick?!

Welcome to our new blog, Temp Chicks! We are a couple of ladies in North Carolina who manage & operate a temporary staffing agency for medical professional & allied healthcare professionals. Between the two of us we have over 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry. At our staffing agency we cater exclusively to licensed & certified medical processionals. Our staff are placed in various types of medical facilities & medical settings throughout the state. Due to the fact that we only cater specifically to those in the medical arena, it allows us to focus more on getting to know our staff and our clients- which helps ensure better client & staff satisfaction at the end of the day.

Having worked in the healthcare industry for so many years, we both saw the growing shortage of nurses in our state and others. We also recognized & agreed that agencies don’t function well when they are not properly staffed. These two factors were our motivation for starting 1st Choice. We saw the real value that staffing agencies can bring to the healthcare industry. Regardless of whether it is just a short-term assignment to fill in for someone who is out for several weeks for things like a temporary disability or maternity leave; or whether an agency needs to find qualified staff and they just don’t have the time to do the recruiting themselves- 1st Choice can help with all types of staffing solutions.

Temp Chicks blog will discuss various medical topics and things that are going on in the medical industry in our state & around the world. We also plan to discuss some medical awareness observances throughout each month.

Have a great weekend!

Temp Chicks

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