Even in this Economy there is still bad Business

note_desk_paper_237717_l  In the staffing business there really is very little time to get to know your staff or even your clients. I am a firm believer in doing the most thorough background & referece checks on potential staff as possible. And it also seems approrpriate that you would want to do some type of background check with regards to a potential client and/or the facility that you may be providing staffing to. While the prospect of income and building your client base may seem very enticing, every offer to provide your services may not be in the best interest of your business or even your staff. Your business is your brand and the clients and standards that you maintain speak for you, without you having to say a word. Although something may seem like a great idea when you initially hear about it, you always have to consider the long-term impact that working with a particular client could have on your business, your staff, & your brand. (Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not advocating that you use/abuse your clients because of what you think that they can do for you in the long-term.) However, I am advocating for keeping the lines of communications open at all times between your agency & your clients, as well as your agency & your staff.

There is a fine line to walk at all times for the agency. The agency is constantly attempting to keep the clients satisfied, as well as doing the same for the sfaff, & also ensuring that the staff are not being placed in jeopardy, & neither are their professional license.  As the agency you are the biggest advocate that your staff have. There may be times when you have to respectfully decline to provide services to a client, even after you have signed on to provide them services. There are going to be occassions where things are not always the way they seemed. The best thing you can do is try to end the business relationship respectfully within the guidelines of your contract and on “good terms.” (Good terms= no outstanding invoices, no bounced checks, no yelling matching, or name calling,…)

Despite the desre to always want to please your client, there are some situations where you have no choice and you are unable to do that. When it comes down to questionable judgement or lack of policies/protocols that could potentially lead to staff jeopardizing their professional license or certification- there is no choice, you defend your staff. It would be irriesponsible for an agency to not take some type of action to at least investigate the concerns of their staff and/or remove their staff from that type of environment. Some people say that is the beauty of staffing agencies, clients (in some cases agencies) don’t really have to worry about long-term committments.

Ultimately it is easier to get out of a poor environment before it becomes a serious problem that really can’t be resolved or fixed with a 30 day notice to discontinue providing services

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