Dr. Carrol F. Landrum- Caring for a Community

Dr. Carrol F. Landrum, an 88 year old physician who has been practicing medicine for approximately 55 years in rural and poverty stricken communities in Mississippi, is facing the loss of his medical license. Not only has Dr. Landrum served his local community of Edwards for decades, he also served his country as a WWII veteran. Currently he is the only practicing physician in Edwards.

For the last two years he has operated a mobile practice as a way to see & treat some patients in his community. Most of the patients that Dr. Landrum treats from his mobile practice would typically go without medical treatment. Dr. Landrum’s patients are predominately low-income and/or disabled persons, and many do not have transportation to go visit a doctor at their office. There are also many times that Dr. Landrum provides medical care to people in his community without being paid anything at all. Despite the fact that Dr. Landrum is able to reach those who would not have access to healthcare, the Mississippi State Medical Board is attempting to revoke the doctor’s ability to see any patients. The board feels that using a car for an examination room is not an acceptable way to treat patients. As a result the board set a date for the doctor to surrender his license in January. The date past and Dr. Landrum refused to surrender his medical license. http://goo.gl/7XiIvu

If Dr. Landrum is stripped of his ability to practice medicine, it will affect more than just the doctor. It will affect an entire community as well. Since Dr. Landrum has been threatened with the loss of his license, some of the residents in the community have organized a fundraiser to assist the doctor in obtaining new office space. Previously Dr. Landrum had office space, but was forced to leave due to increased gang activity and violence in the area.

It seems that there should be some type of solution to this issue that the state medical board could offer, besides Dr. Landrum surrendering his license. Mississippi is currently ranked the unhealthiest state in America and the state also ranks the highest for the number of residents living in poverty. You would think that the board would be looking for ways to legally operate mobile practices or provide physician home visits to care for those who are unable to have access to care otherwise. http://goo.gl/uHXdlP

Hopefully Dr. Landrum will be allowed to maintain his license and practice medicine in his community. It is obvious that so many are depending on the doctor to help them manage everything from the common cold to chronic diseases that require ongoing monitoring and treatment (ex: asthma, congestive heart failure, diabetes, etc.…) Since the deadline for Dr. Landrum to surrender his medical license (and he did not comply) there hasn’t been any additional action taken to end the doctor’s ability to practice medicine. For the sake of the residents in the Edwards community and Dr. Landrum, let’s hope that it remains that way.

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